Long & Tedious Email List Prep Work? AUTOMATE IT!


De Facto standard in bulk email management

• Your personal ROBOT. Set up, hit GO, walk away

Lightning fast. Fly thru UNLIMITED size data

• Tools to manipulate your lists any way possible

• Clean & simple layout... SO EASY to use

• One-time low price for unlimited lifetime usage

Ultra-High Speed

ListMate works on normal flat text files, nothing complicated. The software is optimized and optimally programmed for blazing speed!

Unlimited Data Sizes

If you have the hard drive space, ListMate can handle it. It's the ONLY email list management software that can do this with NO crashes!

Automate Your Work

Set up the tasks you need done, click GO, then go enjoy a coffee while your personal robot crunches the data!

All the list manipulation tools you could ever need

  • CLEAN, sort & de-dupe your lists. Kick out all syntactically bad emails.
  • SCRUB and compare your lists against your remove/unsubscribe list.
  • FILTER out any complete domains you don't want, or emails with 'naughty' words.
  • RANDOMIZE a list, or organize it by domain. Even SEPARATE geographically!
  • MANY more industrial-strength tools. For all Windows OS versions.

Alfred K., Dubai, UAE

The very best email list mgmt software for internet marketing. This software is legendary and used by all the best email marketers.

Gil at R1 Ventures, Newport Beach, CA

We have been using your ListMate for well over 10 years now, and in one word, it's priceless. We've tried every other option known to man and nothing compares. Thanks Shawn.

R.S., Palm Harbor, FL

i am absolutely THRILLED with your program. It is simply the best software like it. It is saving me so much time and aggravation, you can't imagine.